World Book Day!

Hi Year 6K

As you are aware today is ‘World Book Day’ and I would love to find out what you enjoy reading. This can be a short blog about the book; why it’s enjoyable; who are the main characters? What is the plot?…..ssshhh don’t give too much away!

My favourite book is: The Book Thief by Markus Zusak – It is set in1939 in Nazi Germany. The country is holding its breath. Death has never been busier.
Liesel, a nine-year-old girl, is living with a foster family on Himmel Street. Her parents have been taken away to a concentration camp. Liesel steals books. This is her story and the story of the inhabitants of her street when the bombs begin to fall.

Miss Kelly

26 thoughts on “World Book Day!

  1. Leighton M

    Hi Mrs Kelly my favourite is Point Blanc by Antony Horowitz as it is a tense start in the first 60 pages . It is about Alex Rider [who is the main character ] Alex rider follows the school bully who is a drug dealer and Alex follows him to find out what was doing as it seemed suspicous

    1. g.kelly

      I love a tense start to a book! They are all very fast paced and really keep you on the edge of your seat don’t they?!

  2. JB

    My favorite book is Alex Rider by Anthony Horowitz.It’s about a 14 year old boy who is a spy and he works undercover around the world to save the world.It’s very tense since he gets shot at cut and drugged by darts to stun him.I can’t chose a single favorite because they are all amazing.I like these books because there is a lot of action and it fills me with adrenaline and it makes my heart race.

  3. Lily Mae


    My favourite book is Lily alone by Jacqueline Wilson.
    Lily is an 11 year old girl who lives with her mum, 6 year old twins Bliss and Baxter and 3 year old sister Pixie. Lily’s mum goes abroad on holiday and leaves Lily alone with her siblings. Her stepdad is on holiday aswell so Lily has to take care of her siblings. Lily has no money to buy food. They camp out in the park. The day before her mum is supposed to arrive home Bliss injures herself and Lily, Baxter and Pixie have to go to foster homes while her mum is with the police and Bliss is in hospital. I really enjoy reading this book and I would recommend it to other kids my age.

    from Lily :-)

  4. AM

    I enjoy Alex Rider because it is action packed and their are a lot of fighting and I am on the 3rd one called Skeleton Key. The first one is called Storm breaker and so far my favourite one is Skeleton Key. Their are 11 books in total and I have only 10 because once I have read the 10th one I am going to get the 11th one. The main character is Alex Rider and the author is called Anthony Horowitz. Hope you would read Alex Rider. Alex Rider is a 14 year old boy and he has be assigned to a spy agency called SAS. Alex always goes on crazy missions for the agency and MOSTLY gets out alive!!! =)
    From Aaron!!!

    1. g.kelly

      He is very quick witted isn’t he?! Somehow he always manages to escape even the most dangerous of scenarios!

  5. ciava

    My favourite book is dork diaries crush catastrophe by Rachel Renee Russell – the main characters are Nikki Maxwell her BFF’s Chloe and Zoey also her crush Brandon. Nikki is a 14 year old girl who thinks that she is a dork but a bully named Mackenzie wants Brandon until a new boy come in named Andre does Nikki love Andre more than Brandon or will Mackenzie steal Brandon and Andre for her self ??? :)

  6. Leighton M

    Hi Mrs Kelly my favourite is Point Blanc by Antony Horowitz as it is a tense start in the first 60 pages . It is about Alex Rider [who is the main character ] Alex Rider follows the school bully who is a drug dealer and Alex follows him to find out what was doing as it seemed suspicious. Then he sneeks into a crane to pick a boat up.

  7. domonic T

    My favourite book is Skulduggery Pleasant playing with fire by Derek Landy.
    The main characters are Skulduggery and Stephanie.They are recovering from an epic battle against serpine when three of the deadliest killers alive return to town in search of an ancient,powerful creature…
    A grotesquery!Made up of limbs of the faceless ones,it is the only creature that can bring back the faceless ones and destroy the world.Only Stephanie and Skulduggery stand in its way…

  8. SD

    Hi Miss . Kelly,

    My favourite book is David Walliams book ‘Bad Dad’. I like this book as it is funny and has lots of plot twists. The books main characters is a little boy called Frank and his farther Gilbert. Its called bad dad as he was in an accident and got servilely injured. Gilbert was a professional, unbeaten race car driver and drove a mini called Queenie which had a Great Britain flag painted on top. What Gilbert didn’t know was that Frank would sneek out and watch him race. He had to get a new job but he is keeping it a secret!!!!! One night he had to do a top secret ‘mission’ and leaves Frank alone with a baby sitter. BUT……Frank sneeks out and .

    From Sophie :D

  9. ow

    Hi my favourite book is stormbreaker the main character Alex rider it is about Alex were he tries to find out who kills his uncle Ian rider he got told it was in a car crash and he almost dies trying to find the real reason how it happens. I like this book because it has a lot of action in it an a lot of tense moments. the author of this book is antony horowitz.

  10. GV

    Hi Miss.Kelly
    My most enjoyable book to read is a book named “Frankie Foster fizzy pop” by Jean Ure I enjoy reading this because even though I am only half way through the book it already seems like I have read it all! Also, my favourite character in the book is Frankie Fosters sister `Angel` because she is really bossy! Angel reminds me of me (if that makes sense) because she is very bossy and sassy!!
    Bye! Grace. :)

  11. DH

    My favourite book is Tom Gates Epic Adventures by Liz Pichon my favourite character is Tom he always talks about his family how annoying they are, his sister Delia his mum and dad, he is always doing mysterious stuff with his best friend Derek like asking for free ice cream and there is 13 other books about his life and
    at school.
    from Daniel

  12. ML

    my favourite book is Diary of the Wimpy Kid but inparticular The Third Wheel by Jeff Kinney. Greg and Rowley are having a love issue and are strugerling to find a date to the school dance . But then Greg finds a date however a lot can happen in one night, and in the end you never know who will end up being the lucky one in love …

    I defernetly recommend this book it is super fun and I love how they use comics aswell as just writing :)


    MY favourite book is wonder because it makes you pity him and feel bad for him.
    I also love wonder as I love the idea of him going to school and breaking out of his bubble .
    Wonder is an amazing book as it has multiple different people with there own characteristics
    and it makes you picture the characters in your head.

  14. rc

    I like Harry Potter because I have always enjoyed the films that is what got me in to the books JKrowling is author of this amazing story and also the books are allot different to the film, when I first read the book it was amazing then I started watching the films again there is a big different between the 2 one has a lot more detail but the other doesn’t it is a bit weird how the film came of the book because there nothing like each other well it does have a few things in common like the characters Harry Ron Hermione and the ones who’s name we are not allowed to speak of ,then there’s Harrys god father serious Black and you cant forget Dumbledore oh and Hagrid.

  15. km

    My favourite book is called The Invitation by Diane Hoh who makes all the point horror books its set in the late 70′s in America when the letter is printed on crisp ivory printed in golden writing is inviting them to Cass Rockham’s annual party.Cass has invited Sarah and four other unsuspecting friends who aren’t rich like Cass and his fiends. are they have been sent to death?…

  16. Louey A

    Hi, my favourite book is called Beast Quest by Adam Blade. It is about a boy called Tom and he faces a lot of beast and he goes on to lots of missions. The reason I got into reading these books was because I was walking around Wigan once and I went into a book shop. Suddenly I caught a glimpse of the book so I went over to it and there was a giant row of them, and they were all numbered, so I knew there was a whole series of it.

    LA .

  17. Tom Carter

    My favourite book is boy in the dress.
    It is about a boy who loves football but would like to be a girl
    I like it because he loves sport and I do and its really funny at lots of parts of the book. My favourite character is Raj as he is a really funny shopkeeper as he tries to get every one buy every thing.

    from Tom

  18. ZL

    Hi miss Kelly
    my best book is wonder it is about a boy who has a disfigured face and he cant go to school because he needs stuff to put on is face and the boy is called August and the other is R.J palacio and he has fun with is friend until he stabs him in the back:0

  19. Alex Steggals

    Hi Mrs. Kelly,
    As we all know, it is World Book Day today! Therefore I will tell you about my book and why I chose it as my favourite.
    The book I have chosen for my favourite book is: Alex Rider- Ark Angel. The reason I have chosen this book is because it is very “action-packed” as one would say. I am not going to tell you much about this book as I think I am the only one who is up to this book (Joe isn’t that far behind, to be honest!). Basically what happens is that Alex gets sent to hospital as he is shot, but we don’t get told how it happened in the previous book, Scorpia. He meets his “next-door neighbour” Paul Drevin. A Criminal gang called Force Three come, and try to capture Paul. Later in the book, Alex finds that Paul’s Father, Nicholas Drevin, is sending a rocket into space, and it arrives at his outer-space hotel. I shall not tell you any more about the story, as I have not yet finished Ark Angel.
    Best wishes,
    Alex S :D

  20. LT

    My favourite book is Alex Rider Stormbreaker. The author is Anthony Horowitz. The main character is Alex Rider. Alex Rider is fourteen years old and he has been asked to do a secret mission from MI6. And his only
    guardian died because someone had killed him. I really enjoyed it because it is really adventurous.

  21. RE

    My favourite book is Worlds Worst Children 2 the reason I started reading the book is because I read the first one and it was so good that I read the second one my favourite character is No No Noe because she always no no matter what she even said no to the teacher everyday so one day they decided to get her to say yes and she did so now her favourite word is yes from Robyn :D

  22. IF

    Hi Miss Kelly,
    Your book sounds awesome! I would want to read that book even though I am still a child. My favourite book at the moment is called Wonder. The author of the book is called R.J.Palicio. It really grabs my attention and makes me want to read more. My favourite characters are August and Summer. I like August because he is unique and even though he is different to other people I would still be his friend. I like Summer because she is one of the only ones who will take August seriously and will actually listen to what he is saying. In this book we find out that August is bullied by his appearance, the way he talks and the way he eats. August finds it hard to make friends as he has been home-schooled for his life and now he is actually going to school he is finding it a lot harder than expected
    Isabelle :)


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