We rate Alex Rider!

Hi Year 6,

It was great to see how you all thoroughly enjoyed reading Stormbreaker, I know lots of you have started to read the sequel Point Blanc and intend to read the whole series. It is fantastic to see you being so inspired by our class context.

We really enjoyed seeing your enthusiasm for circuits and all things electrical when you constructed tripwires and pressure pads.

Our new context is very different but equally enjoyable -  we hope.

Miss Kelly and Mr Thompson

2 thoughts on “We rate Alex Rider!

  1. Jessica

    Hi miss Kelly!
    One of my favourite books is Black Beauty by Anna Sewell.
    The reason I like it is because it is a lovely emotional rollercoaster and the reason I started reading it was because I was very interested in horses and my mum had told me about it when she was reading it .
    One day, I asked my mum if I could read it and she gave me her very special copy from when she was little; it is about a young horse that gets taken to lots of different places and is treated nicely by some and horribly by others. Even though I haven’t finished the book I think it is very interesting and it uses lots of old vocabulary that can help me in school. I can’t wait to finish this book and find out what happens next!
    From Jessica :]

    1. g.kelly

      How exciting to be reading a very special copy! It is a classic and it’s nice to see you’re enjoying it :-)


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