Welcome back Year 6 Agents!

Welcome back Year 6!

We hope you had a great Christmas and New Year and you have all returned refreshed and ready to work hard, this term. This half-term we will be looking at Anthony Horowitz’s Stormbreaker; following Alex Rider through his gruelling challenges as a spy. We would love you to comment throughout the term, with comments on how your enjoying it and any predictions you may have to what happens next.


Miss Kelly

One thought on “Welcome back Year 6 Agents!

  1. Agent A.Steggals

    Miss Kelly,
    As you already know, I have read Stormbreaker already. Also, agent J. Bibby has already read Stormbreaker. Therefore, we shall not spoil it for the rest of the class, because I am certain they will find it annoying. By the way, I have also read Book 2 – Point Blanc, Book 3 – Skeleton key, Book 4- Eagle Strike, Book 5- Scorpia, and I am partway through reading Book 6- Ark Angel.
    By the way, I am massively looking forward to our SATs!
    SATs- Standard Attainment Tests

    Agent A.Steggals


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