Maths Support Autumn 1 Week 2

Next week, the children will be focusing on decimals. They will be counting up and down in thousandths; recognising that thousandths arise from dividing an object into 1000 equal parts and in dividing numbers or quantities by 1000.

Ordering decimals

When ordering numbers, we should always compare the digits on the left first.

For example, which is greater: 2.701 or 2.71?


Units Tenths Hundredths Thousandths
2 7 0 1
2 7 1 0

Both numbers have two units and seven tenths, but 2.701 has no hundredths, whereas 2.71 has one hundredth. Therefore, 2.71 is greater than 2.701.Another way to look at it is to write a zero at the end of 2.71 to make it 2.710 (this does not change its value, because it is after the decimal point).The two numbers are now 2.710 and 2.701. It is quite easy to see that 2.710 is bigger (just as 2710 is bigger than 2701).

When finding 1/1000th of a number we simply divide that number by 1000.

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