Viking Day!

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Last Thursday, the children took part in a Viking day down in the school garden. They took part in a range of different tasks and activities related to the Vikings. The children made Viking flags from using any materials they could find from the garden. The children tried out some metal detecting, where they discovered a wide range of Viking artifacts, including arrow heads, coins and jewelry. One of the main activities was building a Viking longhouse, which every child contributed in helping to build it. Overall, the children had a fantastic day and learnt a lot about the history and lifestyle of a Viking. Well done Year 5!

One thought on “Viking Day!

  1. Alex S

    Hi Mr. Carr
    I thought that the viking day was absolutely tremendous! My group was called “The 10 Villainous Vikings.” To start us off, we attempted to make a viking longhouse with Mrs. Cullen out of tough, stripped(with our bare hands) sticks for the “wall” and we pulled off the extra sticks from the tough ones and used them as “weave.” We got about 10 – 11 weaves in there, and then we did metal detecting with you. We found lots of artifacts , including:a roman coin; lots of 2p’s and 1p’s, and we even found a Victorian coin! Then we had lunch, then were supposed to do fire making with Mr. Ibbotson but unfortunately he went inside to teach his class after he did fire-making with his first group. We then did flag-making on our own (I’m not sure if we did it on our own,but I can’t remember who we did it with if we did do it with anyone.)and made a pretty cool flag that said “10 Villainous Vikings” as that was what we were called. Then we did Jewellery with Mrs. Grimshaw and I made a wristband, a belt (to hold weapons) and a headband. But then that was the end of all of our activities, so we just carried on with the viking longhouse, because it had not been finished.

    P.S I think we did the flag making with Mrs Bagshaw

    I hope we do it again
    Alex : )


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