Maths Support Week 4

Next week the children will be learning about how to estimate volume of a shape and solving statistic questions.


The volume of a shape measures the 3-dimensional amount of space that it takes up. Volume is measured in cubes.

A 1cm x 1cm x 1cm cube

A cubic cm has sides of length 1cm. It has a volume of 1cm3 (1 cm cubed).

A 2 cm x 2 cm x 3cm cuboid

This cuboid contains 12 cubes. Each cube has a volume of 1cm3. So the volume of this cuboid is 12cm3


Data means information. Graphs, charts and tables are used to represent this information and make it easier to understand. Bar charts are one way of showing the information from a frequency table. This bar chart represents the data from the table on the previous page:

A bar chart showing the number of bikes sold. 3 rangers have been sold, 5 outdoor bikes have been sold, 0 tourers were sold, 2 starbusts were sold, and

The heights of the bars in this bar chart show how many of each bike were sold.

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