Monthly Archives: April 2016

Clay Insects

Check out the beautiful clay insects that Y4JB created this week.  We used tinfoil to build an armature (scaffolding).  On top of the armature we moulded clay to develop our insects adding on features using joining techniques.

Please click on some of your friends sculptures and leave a positive comment telling them what you like about it.


Y4 Bug Day

On the first day back after the Easter holiday, we will be playing a giant game of hide and seek alongside the children in Reception.  We would like the children to dress up as a mini-beast or insect for the day to start our new context for learning – ‘Caught in a Web’.  We understand that this could be tricky, a coloured t-shirt linked to a mini-beast could be an option.


If the weather is dry, we will spend part of the day outside in our outdoor garden and the children will need their wellies with them.

We also plan to add to our learning environment by creating our own version of the ‘The Bug Ball’, with this in mind we would like the children to bring in resources that we could use to make flowers and mini-beasts.  Examples of resources that could be brought in are: coloured tissue paper, pipe cleaners, lolly sticks, coloured wool, coloured sticky dots etc.

Thanks for your continued support.

The Year 4 team.

Easter Egg Decorating

Check out the fab eggs the children in Y4JB created based on our text ‘The Story Thief’.