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Picked for Lancashire

IMG_1661 1

Fantastic news this week, Robyn has been picked to represent Lancashire Gymnastics Team after coming second overall in her recent competition at the weekend.  Keep working hard, we can’t wait to hear how you get on in three weeks time!

Which do you prefer?

The Iron Man      iron giant

We have explored the story of ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes and The film ‘The Iron Giant’ since returning to school after half term.  We would like you to tell us your opinions of the two stories. Which do you prefer and why? Make sure to use the correct punctuation and make it as interesting as you can.

We look forward to reading your reviews.

Mrs B & Mrs

Something’s Drastic

somethings drastic

Following our guided reading session, look back in the text ‘Something’s Drastic’ and choose your favourite poem.  Explain why it is your favourite poem – don’t forget to let me know which poem it is and the page number.

In the same poem, pick out three words or phrases that capture your interest and say why you think they are interesting.

Y4JB PTFA Christmas Card Project

Here are the designs for the Christmas Card Project that the children have created in school.  They shouldn’t have a black boarder around them when they are printed.  More information along with order forms to follow on Tuesday.  Please return any order forms by Friday 6th November.

Air Scare


Following on from our guided reading session looking at the text ‘Air Scare’ chapters 1 to 4, choose a chapter each (there is one for each of you) and summarise what happens in the chapter in your own words.  Make sure you tell me which chapter you are summarising.  Remember you should use good punctuation even though you are on the blog.