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Good afternoon Y3I,

Brilliant work yesterday!  We learnt all about how to stay safe online and how to email each other.  I would now like you to explain how we stay safe online for those people that read our blog.  You will need to include lots of detail and description, remember your writing targets, in your reply. 

Everyone out there is looking forward to your comments,

Thank you

Mr Ibbotson

Ah caunt see down pit lad!


Well done Year 3, you’ve worked hard today designing and building your torches.  I would like to know why we need a torch when working in the mines and also what made the torch you designed suitable for the mines?

Think about everything we have been learning about in Science and DT recently and use it in your answer.  Also refer back to the design criteria we made.  I look forward to your replies.

Mr Ibbotson